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I am a highly accomplished and successful paradigm shifter, revolutionizing the way people view and operate within an organization. I am a uniquely qualified because I have over 2 decades of business management experience, a decade of community volunteerism, advocacy and public service. My point of view is informed by my deep understanding of strategy and implementation in large organizations. I possess a wide range of proficiency around public speaking and engagement, logistics, organizational management and the dynamics that are prevalent across operations, finance as well as the diplomatic and tactful communication it takes to manage each of these dynamics. It is this mix of private sector, K-12 and higher education knowledge that will allows me to be successful.

Throughout my experience, I recognized that I operate in a framework that is made out of the fibers of diversity, equity and inclusion. Taking on large organizational restructures at Coca Cola, Bellevue College as well as running a political campaign I acknowledged that in order to find success, my major role is to engage people in conversation around how they see and understand others, particularly around areas of inherent biases such gender, class, position title and race. Collaborating with partners is key and my approach is to always use healthy communication techniques that connect interest based perspectives to vision and strategy.

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