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What’s Collabovation? It’s our approach and its pretty awesome!

True collaboration to elevate people requires a journey. Making the decision to transform your organization to create and develop a racially and culturally inclusive environment, requires a lot of things, let's’ start with three. First and foremost is understanding where you and your people (the system) are at the start of the journey, Collabovate meets you wherever you are to help guide you to where you want to go. Second, this journey requires patience and your commitment of time while being open and adaptive to the process. Third, there's lots to learn from each other, Collabovation happens when our collective work is balancing what we each have packed and may need while on this journey.

 Like John Lennon we Imagine. At Collabovate we imagine our vision which is to create inclusive workplaces that engage employees through individual authenticity and vulnerability. We have the skills and experience to help YOU imagine then bring forth your vision. Taking a personal-first approach we combine our stories and experiences with yours to create practice, process and learning spaces, adding in some good ole data and then moving into strategy.

"These coaching sessions are challenging, and hard a very good way. Thank you for everything you are doing!" ~ 2021 client survey response

"I truly appreciate this work and the way it is being presented to us (both in form and timing). I can feel it pushing others to a more uncomfortable place often, but I think that is needed and good" ~2021 Client Survey Response.

With a focus on racial and cultural inclusion Collabovate offers a variety of services to fit your organizations needs

  • Executive and Level-Focused Coaching

  • Data Gathering and Alignment

  • Customized Educational Development Across Levels

  • Equity Assessment and Analysis

  • Inclusive and Transparent Communications Development

  • Strategic Alignment, Planning and Development

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