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Dr. Wendy Towle.jpeg

Dr. Wendy Towle, Director of Curriculm & Instruction

As a white woman who is part of our district equity team, Krischanna’s coaching has been invaluable. At different times, she engaged, encouraged, questioned and challenged me in all the right ways to help me  deepen and sustain my own racial consciousness and, in turn, support the work of transformational change in our district.

Shaundra BRown.jpg

Shaundra Brown, President 

I have experienced first hand how she is able to move a room and bring a team to explore and dig deeper to live their own unique and personal truths.  he has elevated teams of district administrators, educators, business leaders and community members to collectively move the racial equity work required from their team to enact systemic change.

Krischanna has helped me to grow in my own leadership in building and supporting a large team of international racial equity coaches who received accolades and appreciation for their work time and time again.

Tracy Myers.jpg

Tracy Myers, Equity Consultant 

She has coached me through connecting to my humanity, inspiring and motivating me to be driven by my purpose and gifts. She has not only done that for me as an individual, but I have witnessed her move an entire team, community leaders and members, and large audiences towards equity initiatives. Krischanna has the expertise for strategic planning towards equitable outcomes for any organization, and does so with integrity, inclusion, and creativity. That means outcomes will be realized through her guidance, all voices are heard and seen as valuable to creating those outcomes, and new and innovative ways of practice will all be a part of her commitment to creating real change.  If you are seeking a phenomenal human being to partner with and transform you, your team, your organization into an authentic, anti-racist organization, Krischanna Roberson is who you need! 

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