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Are you paying attention to your attention?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We are in unprecedented times. Every one of us has the opportunity to do something. You have to decide to get out of your way and start with the most difficult action item and that is YOUR PERSONAL beliefs. I urge folks reading this to ask yourself, how are you paying attention to your attention?

Is your attention on the delivery of the message, the people delivering the message, the fact that race is front and center, the idea that you need training?

How about self-accountability? Are you paying attention to the feelings that come up when you have to be open and honest about things you don't know?

How are you paying attention to who is in your circle who can provide you with a racial perspective different than your own? Do you have those folks? If not, you better pay attention to why they are missing.

Are you a business owner making decisions on "diversity" training (it really should be race) and you haven't consulted with a Black Consultant? Where is your attention to this very important detail? Do you understand the significance of a Black consultant and are you paying attention to whether or not this is important to you and your organization?

These questions and many more are part of the development you must build for yourself to raise your racial consciousness as part of step1. PAY ATTENTION because what you are witnessing right now is your opportunity to begin the hard work. Now is the time to interrogate your racial beliefs, racial bias, and the feelings that come up for you during the interrogation process. Do you want to and will you challenge your self-discoveries?

If you're ready then I'm ready to Collabovate with you.

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